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[ suncay ]

- MaFFej -

The Soldier's Just Came Back II :P.
Let's go ;)...

added Jasmine Sky (bio/discography)

[ tuesday ]

- MaFFej -

The Soldier's Just Came Back ;).
What can I say... I decided to take myself and back to work, reanimate LSL that I left long time ago. What we got? Giga-Update. List of new things:

added Blood Circus (bio/discography)
added Rose of Rose bio
added Ded Chaplin photos
added "detailed info" for another three Loudness' releases
updated Loudness' video section
updated Sly dicography (tracktimes)
updated Lazy discography (romanji/tracktimes)
updated X.Y.Z.->A discography (romanji/tracktimes)
updated Ded Chaplin discography (tracklists/romanji/tracktimes)
updated Spaed discography (romanji)
updated Rose of Rose discography (romanji)
updated Lazy/Sly/Ji-Zo/XYZ/Ded/Spaed bio
updated Akira/Minoru/Masayoshi/Munetaka bio

[ sunday ]

- MaFFej -

Discography update...
Hmmm... The sickness called "lazyness" have attacked me latterly... As you can see the premiere of latest group's album was 40 days ago and this release heaven't appeard on LSL in discography section. My fault :P - I have made some update.

[ monday ]

- MaFFej -

"Breaking the Taboo" not a "Silver Heavilee".
The title of new incoming in 27.12.2006 Loudness' album is titled as "Breaking the Taboo", not as "Silver Heavilee" like we think before. And... We know at least cover and tracklist of this release!

01. Breaking the Taboo
02. Brutal Torture
03. Sick World
04. Don't Spam Me
05. Damnation
06. The Love of My Life
07. A Moment of Revelation
08. Risk Taker
09. Dynamite
10. I Wish
11. Diving into Darkness
12. Without You

[ friday ]

- MaFFej -

Something new in discography... ;)
In discography I have added a section with some info about releases where Loudness classic line-up musicians where guests. At this moment is availiable only latest Powergod album and Misako Hinhou's releases.

[ thursday ]

- MaFFej -

"Wings" - new album from X.Y.Z.→A.
X.Y.Z.→A - second band of Minoru Niihara (Loudness vocalist) have prepared for us another album. Release is titled "Wings" and is going to appear in stores on 13.12.2006. Here is album's cover and tracklist:

01. Heavy Road
02. A Man Has Captured the Sun
03. I Love Rock 'n' Roll Life
04. Screamers
05. I Am Addicted to You
06. Optimism-Self Therapy
07. Absolutely Wonderful Night
08. Incubation
09. For Whom the Bell Tolls
10. Wings ~ Fire Bird (Medley)

[ tuesday ]

- MaFFej -

Up, up, update!
Another lil' update - in Akira's discography at least appeard (what a lazybones am I xD) latest musician's album. In "BIO" section I added a subdivision where I placed some informations about Loudness' music style and how it changes (era's partition) during all these years. Unfortunately at this moment is available only polish versions of detailed info...

New release from Loudness... next album!
Title: "Silver Heaville", release date: 27.12.2006, producer: Eddy Kramer (responsible of "Hurricane Eyes"). That's all... only some little facts... all is a mystery... but why? Some people believe that whith Kramer will back some more old-style-loudness songs.

[ saturday ]

- MaFFej -

Update, Update, Update!
I have added LAZY's discography (now without compilations)
I have added Super Rock Summit releases (but still not all) in 'projects' section
updated tracktimes (lots, lots...)
I added "DETAILS" option in some releases in discography (check it out!)

Hiroyuki "FUNNY" Tanaka R.I.P.
Sorrowful news... 01.09 have died Hiroyuki - LAZY's bassist... He lived 44 years. We will not forget.

[ thursday ]

- MaFFej -

Another update!
List of updates on site:
I have added video "Kick Ass Again Live" to Minoru's discography
I have added two VHS' to SLY dsicography
little updating (in 'members') in latest added Akira's "Osaka Works #128"
little cosmetics additions in tracktimes of some singles and compilations

[ friday ]

- MaFFej -

I added new Loudness and Loudness' members releases that have their premiere two days ago - I'm talking abot Akira's "Osaka Works #128", "Munetaka Higuchi Drum Collection" and new group's DVD.

Two covers on "Nenriki" + 3 samples to listen.
We know that two songs grom coming Akira's album are covers: "I Want to Take You Higher" and "No One to Depend on". First ist a Sly & Family Stone recording, second came from Carlos Santana's repertoire. I propose to revisit Takasaki's official site because you can listen there to three new samples from "Nenriki" album (-link-).

[ wednesday ]

- MaFFej -

Some new releases from Akira.
Newest Akira's child - "Nenriki" is going to see the daylight at 20.09.2006, we know the cover and Tricycle Ent. gives for all impatient persons sample of first track to listen (-link-). Here is tracklist and cover of "Nenriki":

01. Surf Trip
02. Mars
03. I Want to Take You Higher
04. Neighborhood
05. Mindphase
06. Chicago Drive
07. The Sun Goes Down
08. No One to Depend on
09. Black Gold
10. Paradise Jungle
11. Echoes
12. Funk it

Apart of "Nenriki" there is going another - unfortunately covered by misterious fog - release from Takasaki titled "Osaka Works #128". Release date of this CD is 23.08.2006. Rumors and comments about this 'thing' are different, but in my opinion this is not another new 'regular' album - probably on "#128" we will find tracks that were recorded during "Nenriki" session, and which haven't finally (with some unknown reasons) get to this album.

01. Dogum
02. Allah
03. Rahat
04. Can
05. Deniz
06. Cennet
07. Ay
08. Tarihi
09. Deprem
10. Cehennem
11. Ceza

DVD at the ending of LOUDNESS USA tour.
Next group's DVD ist now a living fact. On "Loudness in America 06: LiveShocks World Circuit 2006, Chapter One" (we likes short titles :P) we can find material recorded during performance in 'B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill' (26.03). Premiere of this release is planned on 23.08.2006.

01. Introduction
02. Exultation
03. Lunatic
04. Crazy Night
05. Crazy Doctor
06. In the Mirror
07. The Winds of Victory
08. Crazy Samurai
09. Cross
10. The Pandemonium
11. S.D.I.
12. The Battleship Musashi
13. RockShock (More and More)
14. Let it Go
15. Like Hell
16. Circuit

Collection of Higuchi's drum solos on DVD.
I don't know why and for which god Tokuma will release DVD with collection of Munetaka's drum solos which is a... mix of solos from earlier Loudness DVDs. Despite of reheated old dinners on this release will be one misterious track called "MAM", and maybe that would be one possible reason to buy this collection :).

01. Drum Solo #1 [from "L-L-A"]
02. Drum Solo #2 [from "LiT (LS)"]
03. Drum Solo #3 [from "TSJCB"]
04. Drum Solo #4 [from "PT (20thA)"]
05. Drum Solo #5 [from "LBio"]
06. Drum Solo #6 [from "LT2004"]
07. MAM

[ thursday ]

- MaFFej -

New site design!
LSL have - as You can see - a completly new design: new graphics + rewrited code to php (I have learned this language doing this). Now, at this moment, that are all of the noveltys (without including the little actualization in links and 'report' from Loudness USA tour), but I'm planning to make something bigger in few months, updating the stricte content-related content.

End of USA Tour.
This fact isn't something new, but I added - in connection with this - in 'TXT/ARTICLES' section a mini-compedium of this tour. I invite everyone interested in reading this text to 'T/A' section.

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